Where Thieves and Pimps Run Free

I originally heard this famous quote applied to the radio business back in the 80’s. It seem to fit then, and in many ways fits just as much 30 years later.


“The music business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs. There’s also a negative side.”

 The phrase that seems to fit just about every business. Feel free (as many have), to apply it to your own profession:

  • TV
  • Radio
  • Advertising
  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Social Media (yeah, I went there…2011 is going to be really interesting I suspect.)


The original quote is most often credited to Hunter S. Thompson, the “Father of Gonzo Journalism”, although sources and opinions vary. 

As we move into 2011, a brand new year full of opportunity, optimism, perhaps a little fear…a chance to hit the reset button or build on the current base (pick an analogy), ask yourself a some questions:

  • Which will you choose to be – thief, pimp, or good man? 
  • Will you stay in the hallway and do battle? 
  • Is the money really worth the stress and scars?
  • How will you survive? 
  • Are you prepared and trained for that? 
  • If so, how will you rise above and be victorious?
  • Is the pain of staying greater than the pain of leaving?

Or, will you find the EXIT sign for a better, less risky and chaotic opportunity for the life or career you want?

No right answer. No wrong one. It’s your journey.

Just curious. Just sayin’.

Happy New Year. 




My Bitchy Old Lady Got Me in Trouble.

Got a letter from CMPD Animal Care & Control.


Chloe (my 12 year old German Shepherd), tends to take issue with the things the rest of us accept. We may not see or hear “it”, but she does. Now, I know there is a cat behind us that likes to taunt her. It’s pretty obvious there’s a pompous lack of respect for the “other” species and for elders there. Chloe’ has even gotten a bit out of sorts over deer walking across the front lawn. Can they not obey the yellow Deer Crossing signs the City has installed? It is why they’re there right? 


At this stage of her life with bad hips and a pinched nerve in her back, my Bitchy Old Lady stays inside 99% of the time finding comfort in the soft leather furniture that used to be off limits (well, it still is but she’s decided to ignore that fact…and so have I). She only goes out when she has to. On most occasions, I catch her just sitting pretty, blending in with the natural area panning her head left and right, taking in a cool breeze, the rays of sun or the still of the night with only the moon or porch light providing her shape. Often though, she sticks her nose in the air and catches a wif of everyone’s gossip and business then cuts loose with a gut wrenching “browl” (bark and growl) of disapproval.


We try to stay on top of her when this happens. We clap our hands, give a little whistle and call her inside immediately. Hell, it takes her a good 5 minutes of waddling and hind leg dragging just to get from the back of the yard to the steps she struggles to climb.


I hear dogs barking constantly in our neighborhood; early morning, midday and late evenings…take a stroll and you’ll hear them working their social network. I accept it. Apparently the vantage point of the neighbor that complained about my Bitchy Old Lady doesn’t include the mouthy, yappy little dogs behind, left and right of me…or my neighbor is like Chloe’ – they just need to take issue with the things the rest of us accept and get their “browl” out.


Oh well. Guilty as charged. Sorry neighbor(s).