Jury Duty Observations

Got summoned. Got selected. Can’t talk about the case, but what a full day of people and process watching. 
  • New courthouse is nice. I remember the old section for jury duty – it was a DMV nightmare.
  • Holding section for jurors is a nice co-working area with kitchen, seating and TV…business section. Wifi sucks.
  • The jury coordinators have their routines and speeches down like amusement park ride operators. Lots of reinforcement and rules mixed with humor.
  • The guest speakers (court reporter, bailiffs, etc.) have A LOT to say about the role they play. 
  • Diet and exercise doesn’t look like a requirement for many courthouse employees wearing guns and accessories. 
  • Most people seem to understand the important civil obligation of serving on a jury, but loathe the notion that they’ll have to do it. It’s an inconvenient waste of their time at $12 a day. 
  • Everyday folk from every corner of the city and line of work. Even the Mayor was called in to do his civilian duty.
  • You can be an understanding, nurturing Coach of kids, and help needy children through the Ministry…and still express you’re too biased to make a fair ruling, so you get yourself dismissed from the box. 
  • Reminder: the burden is on the accuser to prove the charge, not the accused to defend innocence. 
  • In selecting the perfect line-up of jurors for the trial, attorneys are capable of asking the same question 100 different ways ad nauseum.
  • Never so tired at the end of a day from being so bored. I was warned.

Back at it tomorrow. 

Maybe Lt. Horatio Caine will make an appearance with a poetic one liner. 

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