Ambalance Chasers and Back Crackers


Last Friday my Son Austin and his passenger (my other son) Jonathan, got rear ended by a careless driver.

To date, I’ve received 27 solicitation packages in the mail. 19 Attorney firms offering legal services and 8 from Chiropractors.

As a Marketing Professional I’ll give it to them for using the free Public resources available to them at the Courthouse. They’re on it for sure.

Many of the Legal firms I’ve seen on TV. I’ve got my own Chiropractor – Dr. Park in downtown Matthews.

Little do they know, their diligence in pursuing an opportunity with me and my Son has actually just provided me with a nice prospecting list for my company, NR Creative Group (insert evil laugh here: “Bwahh ha ha ha!” ).

Many/most of these packages are crap and will end up in the garbage. I mean…they obviously need me. Right?

**Side note:  Turns out the driver that hit my Son provided outdated and incorrect information to the Police at the scene. They’re in the process of chasing him down.


NR VIEW : Tamela Rich "Live Full Throttle"

Forecast: Sunshine with high’s near 60 “something”.

That’s all we needed to hear. A small group of us wrapped up 2011 in part this past Saturday, December 31st with a great day of backroads motorcycle riding in an attempt to suck the very last rays of sunshine from our unseasonable North Carolina weather. 225 round trip miles later, we succeeded.

Thanks to Social Media maven, friend, motorcyle adventurer, and author Tamela Rich for putting out the call for a posse. She set the itinerary for Carthage, NC  – the home of Pik-N-Pig BBQ.


We weren’t the only ones thinking about seizing the day via backroads and motorcycles. When we got to the eating hole (which is seated on some farm land disguised as small craft airport), there were a line of parked bikes.


Inside, the place was packed with people in biker leather, denim and bright yellow touring jackets.


We had a total of 6 in our group which included my Dad Stephen Richie, my Brother Dain, Tamela and a couple new friends (to me anyway), Bill and Ken.


Tamela’s new book “Live Full Throttle: Life Lessons from Friends Who Faced Cancer” dropped back in early December and she’s been out on a promotional tour ever since.

I sat down with her for a quick NR VIEW: