Excuse me. Pardon me. I’m NATHAN RICHIE. This is my random, streaming thought blog site.

When I’m not handling business as the President and owner of NR Creative Group, I try to stay active with a few passions and hobbies that gets me out and about, experiencing, thinking, and wondering.

I’m a single-Dad. An empty nester living with Wendy, my love of 16 years. I’ve raised two boys to men pretty much by myself – with the unconditional support of a great extended family.

I’m a martial artist. I try to stay fit, artistic, spiritual, grounded, and a little banged up through my regular training in Tae Kwon Do, Guru Melegrito’s Philippine Combatives, and Hapkido. I hold the rank of 4th degree Master in Tae Kwon Do under Master Terrance Evins and GrandMaster Byung Seok Lee of the King Tiger Tae Kwon Do Association, and a 1st Lakan (degree) black belt under Melegrito.

I’m a motorcyclist. I love cruising the backroads and twisties of the Carolinas and surrounding states. Me, my Big Brother, and my 78 year old Father try to take advantage of sunny weekends when we can.

I’m a music lover – fueled by a long career in radio. It’s not uncommon to catch my voice rockin’ the airwaves and iHeartRadio.com. Been in the industry since I was 17 up and down the dial. Spent 13 years as a regular vacation/hangover fill-in host on WEND, 1065 The END. From 2007 to 2011, I had a fun run as the creator, producer and host of the popular Sunday night acoustic radio show “END Sessions“, featuring live and intimate performances from bands and artists coming through town on promotional tours and concerts. These days I’m further down the dial on 1029 The Lake lending voice work as a brand fanboy. I show up on TV once in awhile as an actor, or spokesperson…of sorts when I get a chance to represent companies and their products.

There ya have it. This, that, and the other. My ongoing collection of experiences and randomness. That’s why we’re here. Needless to say (*DISCLAIMER), the opinions expressed here are mine and do not in any way reflect the brands, opinions, policies, political, nor religious stances of NR Creative Group, or the companies and organizations it nor I serve.

Oh…yeah, and I’m a German Shepherd freak. I miss my dog. A lot. For 12 1/2 years she owned us. I’ve had many animals, but the GSD and shepherd breeds are my weakness.



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