Gun rights. It’s not a White redneck thing.

Courtesy Oleg Volk Blog

Courtesy : Oleg Volk Blog :


As is the case whenever the gun debate pops up, I keep seeing news clips of rabid representatives from the Right; gun toting goofs straight out of Central Casting sporting NRA hats and thick beards yelling “God & guns…from my cold, dead hands” (Yee Haw!). Thank you media for digging deep and keeping stereotypes alive.

My first reaction is, “God and guns” – what does one have to do with the other? Did I miss something in Bible school? When you look at it from a rights and Freedom standpoint as these gentlemen have pointed out, it’s proof our Forefathers fully understood the ideals they wrote in our Constitution.

Contrary to what you see in the mainstream, gun rights aren’t a White redneck thing. It’s a Black thing…and an Asian, Female, and Gay thing…an everybody thing. It’s about protection of human, civil RIGHTS (hence, when British mouthpiece Piers Morgan rants ad nauseum “Why do you need a 30 round magazine or this weapon or that one…”, well, Piers, It’s a NEED thing. A need to protect RIGHTS).

Black History month was last month, but this is solid. Doubt many have viewed this side of the Black history. The mainstream media hasn’t, however I’d love to see Steve Crump do his documentary justice to the topic.

Some hightlights:

  • “Gun control has ultimately been about People control…and it sprouts from racist soil” 
  • “We cannot recognize the humanity of this individual because he would be able to keep and bear arms” 
  • “History is ripe with examples…direct correlation between gun control and black people control” 
  • “When you touch the 2nd Ammendment, you can’t become more anti-American, because America would not be without her guns…” 
  • “For when they change our Constitution, they will take our guns, and when they take our guns they will also seek to take our God. That’s when Americans will fight back.”

We Need Bullies. Our Success Depends On It.


Bullying and peer ridicule has been around since the beginning of time. One either succumbs or overcomes.

Look at the history of our existence and you’ll find the reoccurring theme of adversity among the short, fat, tall, skinny, talented, successful and afflicted. It’s what makes our stories so great. Hell, where would Hollywood be without bullies to inspire the content we digest? Most have succeeded through the motivation of vengeance and determination to prove their worthiness and capability. They were driven because of insecurity and the need for acceptance. They learned to dig hard through the dip, get up over and over again, suck it up, and fight through.

Our society has bred a generation or two or three of people that think everything must be fair. It’s not and can’t be. If everything is fair and balanced, nothing happens. Imbalance causes movement. There is however Justice…eventually.

I’ve been bullied by a few – and guided by many (Parents, leaders, teachers, and role models). Both sides left an impression. The wise ones who led experienced and endured to come out on the other side. That helped to keep me grounded and taught me to focus on the things that mattered. Over time I learned to take the bad with the good.

Do I still yearn? Yes. Have I succeeded? In some areas. Am curled up in a fetal position begging for everyone to stop picking on me? No. Everyone has to find their own way, and through that we are victorious. 

For those that are begging… Parents, Teachers, Coaches – do your job!  Lead, teach confidence, self worth, proper self esteem, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. Help them embrace the bullying and convert it to empowerment.

The bullies of the world will never go away and they shouldn’t. We need them actually – to keep us motivated and focused to achieve. 

Getting Schooled: 11 Business Lessons I’ve Relearned in the Past 60 Days


No big surprises. Same lessons, different day. Sometimes it just takes a yank on a scab to remind you.

1. “Who you know” really does work. When it does, acknowledge them.

2. It’s really awesome to get acknowledged and an offer to join a big company to do what you’ve gotten really good doing.

3. When an offer comes with very little questioning, qualifying, or seems too easy, be suspect.

4. If it seems too good to be true. It likely is. See #3.

5. When you get a odd first impression about the person sitting on the other side of the table, go with that. Your gut is a great indicator.

6. HR departments and the TSA seem to have a lot in common. Inane RULES contrary to common sense that impedes progress, and not nearly enough HUMAN sense.

7. Corporate people who manage up, and “appear busy” often are annoying and supersede really effective and obvious maneuvers that would actually move a project forward and make shit happen.

8. Sales 101. The longer it takes for the “official” paperwork to come through and close the deal – the higher the likelihood it isn’t going to happen.

9. In the end, the “Who you knew” that got you in can’t necessarily protect you from the corporate bureaucracy, even when they’re a key player in the middle of it.

10. It’s not a deal until it’s signed on the dotted line, the ink is dry, and the money is in your account.

10.25. Relationships and loyalty are only as good as the influence at stake, the available options and price.

10.5. If they don’t have great, creative ideas, they’ll steal yours (with no remorse) from the brainstorming session you allowed them over a 1/2 caf no-foam latte that you had to buy for yourself.

10.75. Everyone thinks they have great ideas. Finding someone to act on them and bring them to fruition is another thing.

11. People lie.

Not bitter. Just business.