We Need Bullies. Our Success Depends On It.


Bullying and peer ridicule has been around since the beginning of time. One either succumbs or overcomes.

Look at the history of our existence and you’ll find the reoccurring theme of adversity among the short, fat, tall, skinny, talented, successful and afflicted. It’s what makes our stories so great. Hell, where would Hollywood be without bullies to inspire the content we digest? Most have succeeded through the motivation of vengeance and determination to prove their worthiness and capability. They were driven because of insecurity and the need for acceptance. They learned to dig hard through the dip, get up over and over again, suck it up, and fight through.

Our society has bred a generation or two or three of people that think everything must be fair. It’s not and can’t be. If everything is fair and balanced, nothing happens. Imbalance causes movement. There is however Justice…eventually.

I’ve been bullied by a few – and guided by many (Parents, leaders, teachers, and role models). Both sides left an impression. The wise ones who led experienced and endured to come out on the other side. That helped to keep me grounded and taught me to focus on the things that mattered. Over time I learned to take the bad with the good.

Do I still yearn? Yes. Have I succeeded? In some areas. Am curled up in a fetal position begging for everyone to stop picking on me? No. Everyone has to find their own way, and through that we are victorious. 

For those that are begging… Parents, Teachers, Coaches – do your job!  Lead, teach confidence, self worth, proper self esteem, perseverance, and indomitable spirit. Help them embrace the bullying and convert it to empowerment.

The bullies of the world will never go away and they shouldn’t. We need them actually – to keep us motivated and focused to achieve.