#BackRoads Musings: Easter Sunday


Outstanding day enjoying the Easter Sunday weather. Nothing but sun, and some cloud streaks across the Carolina skies.

My “bad boy” biker attire must’ve been convincing this morning. Some elderly man and his wife in a minivan caught me at the red light just up the road from my neighborhood; “Take a right at the next light-we’ll see you in Church”.

Guess my appearance implied I was “lost”. I had a few replies in mind, but time didn’t permit. I just smiled and rode on. Bet I could open their minds a bit on the backroads soaking in some nature vs. a sermon.

Father, brother Dain and I did one of our “short” runs to Morrow Mtn. We were craving pavement so Dain took us the long way in through Hwy 742 to 52. Loved it. Did some “Biker Fellowship” and socializing on top of Morrow, then headed back. About 130 miles total.


As an “Ad Man” myself, Church Marketing on kiosks along the backroads always make me chuckle on these rides. They try to keep up with Madison Avenue with catchy phrases and cute references.

Two I saw today:

“1 Cross, 2 Nails, 4 Given”

(I think those numbers are a lttle off but hey…)

And the other:

“You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down. Happy Easter”

So creative.

As my brother says…“I’d rather be on a bike thinking about the universe and discovering it than sitting in a pew thinking about riding my bike”.  Or something like that.

Tradeoffs Road Trip Charity Ride #tamXC

Back in June I was part of a group of motorcyclists that took off from Charlotte to Beckley, West Virginia for the first leg of Tamela Rich’s dream to ride cross country and raise money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation

This weekend we met her in Asheville, with her odometer fast approaching 8,000 miles and co-captained her safe arrival home with tons of wonderful, touching stories about the places she visited and people she met along the way.

In all I managed to log about 1300 miles and touched 6 states (NC, WVA, VA, TN, KY, SC) on my own bike; a 2000 Yamaha VStar Classic. A small feat in comparison to hers, but I loved being a part of this event…lots of open roads, back roads, greasy diners, comraderie, new friendships, and mountain twisties. This is beautiful country. 

Congrats to Tamela for her accomplishment!

She deserves every bit of accolades for dreaming BIG, setting goals, doing the homework and hard work. I’m both jealous and inspired by her endeavor.

Please check out her blog and facebook page to see her pictures, videos and stories… make a donation if you feel moved to do so.